[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 577346] [xvimagesink] Playback failure with certain XVImage sizes

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------- Comment #4 from Steve Magoun  2009-04-24 22:07 UTC -------
Turns out that while it makes the sample_mpeg4.mp4 movie play correctly, my
patch doesn't fix the case in which GST_ROUND_UP_4(xvimage->width) and
GST_ROUND_UP_8(xvimage->width) return different values.

I'm probably misunderstanding something in gstreamer, but there seems to be a
fundamental problem in this case:

Suppose we have a 426x240 image in I420 (a real example - I ran into this with
Totem's visualizer plugin on a system w/ a 576px tall screen).

XvShmCreateImage takes width, height, and format as input. If the X driver
always returns an image that's exactly the requested size, xvimage->data_size
will be 426px * 240px * 1.5bytes/px = 153360bytes.

However, gstreamer expects a shared image with size = 154560
(gst_xvimagesink_show_frame gets handed a GstBuffer with size = 154560, and the
'sanity check' code in gst_xvimagesink_xvimage_new also expects an image w/
size 154560).

Therefore XvShmCreateImage needs to return an image where xvimage->data_size =
154560 in order to appease the sanity checks in gst_xvimagesink_xvimage_new, 
gst_xvimagesink_show_frame, and gst-xvimagesink_buffer_alloc.

If XvShmCreateImage does exactly what's requested, though, it's not possible to
create the proper surface:
154560 / 1.5 / 240 = 429.333....

The calculation for 154560 is as follows:
GST_ROUND_UP_4 (width) * GST_ROUND_UP_2 (height) + GST_ROUND_UP_2 (height) *
GST_ROUND_UP_8 (width) /2 = size

428 * 240 + 240 * 432 / 2 = 154560

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