[gstreamer-bugs] [Bug 545807] [baseaudiosink] audible crack when starting the pipeline

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------- Comment #16 from Eero Nurkkala  2009-04-30 18:27 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #13)
> The writer thread should block exactly when all the bytes are consumed from the
> ringbuffer because the hardware buffer and the ringbuffer are configured to
> have the same size.
> We don't want to ever block the audio writer thread because we want to write
> silence when the ringbuffer is empty to keep the clock running and to deal with
> sparse streams.

If the medium is from local source, the clock will keep running. Right, with
discontinuous media, this is may be a problem (such as Voip).

Any such chance as to define a property like "local-source" or something alike,
so the user could decide whether to play sound clear or have an annoying break
of audio right after the segments have been filled up? 

So having something like the patch attached, but only when the relevant
property is enabled; "local-source" or "continuous-playback" where the user
acknowledges his intents (and thus enables the patch, and is then fully
responsible of the conseqences).

(BTW, I give you an example where this bug counts the most; imagine a HW buffer
of 1 megabyte; and alsa buffer of 1920 words / 20 periods. It takes only a
blink of an eye for the writer thread to fill the buffers and go with huge
amount of zero data inserted right after it. And the blame is not the HW, it's
the SW above it). (By HW buffers I do not mean the kernel ALSA buffers, but
real HW buffers)

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