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--- Comment #3 from Florent Thiery <florent.thiery at ubicast.eu> 2010-11-29 17:55:22 UTC ---

Thanks for the proposal, of course i will be more than honored to have it
included in one of the gstreamer official projects.

I agree with Stefan regarding the need for a dedicated repository for non-core
utilities (currently gstreamer0.10-tools), might be better than including it
into the bindings themselves (or maybe in the examples/ directory ? doesn't
seem a good solution). If all of these third-party tools are python-based,
maybe a python-gstreamer0.10-tools package/repo ?

gst-launch-ui sounds good to me, also what about gst-glaunch, or gst-gtklaunch

Also, as Stefan mentioned, there is a dependency on the gstmanager library,
which we could remove completely. It's more of a "placeholder" library anyway,
and most of the code for pipeline concatenation logic will soon be deprecated.

@Luis, i can't check out your git branch right now, having network issues here


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