[Bug 657115] In Rhythmbox, 10 second gap in playback when unpausing a song on a CIFS share

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Sat Aug 27 00:01:06 PDT 2011

  GStreamer | gstreamer (core) | 0.10.x

--- Comment #1 from David Schleef <ds at schleef.org> 2011-08-27 07:01:01 UTC ---
Does the NAS spin down the drives when it's not in use?  That would explain why
it takes about 10 seconds -- the drives need to spin up.  As for why the audio
disappears instead of being delayed, it's because files on disk are expected to
be instantaneous, so there's no mechanism to say "there's been a delay", as
there would be, say, with an HTTP source.  

Large delays in file access is pretty uncommon (in general, obviously it can be
common in a particular case), and usually just annoying, and also relatively
difficult to fix.  I'm not certain it's worth it.

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