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Wed Feb 9 06:48:29 PST 2011

unable to pinpoint the culprit) is trying to seek forward by a blocksize
bytes. If blocksize is very large, it seeks beyond the end of the file, a=
subsequent read returns 0 bytes, and gstid3tag reports EOS.

When not using blocksize (or when setting blocksize to some smaller numbe=
no problems occurr.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download trunk/Diva/tests/Media/mp3_tagged.mp3 from Diva svn:
2. Try to play it:
gst-launch-0.9 --gst-debug-level=3D4 filesrc location=3D"mp3_tagged.mp3"
blocksize=3D1000000 ! decodebin ! osssink

Actual results:
The pipeline hangs. The debugging output snippet:
DEBUG (0x80cfbe8 - 0:00:00.829809000)               id3tag(16006)
gstid3tag.c(844):gst_id3_tag_sink_event:<id3demux0> Have new segment even=
t in mode 1
DEBUG (0x80cfbe8 - 0:00:00.829891000)              basesrc(16006)
gstbasesrc.c(853):gst_base_src_get_range:<filesrc0> reading offset 161920=
length 1000000, size 161920, segment.stop -1, maxsize 161920    =20
GST_PADS(16006) gstpad.c(3767):gst_pad_pause_task:<id3demux0:sink> pad ha=
s no task
DEBUG (0x80cfbe8 - 0:00:00.829961000)              basesrc(16006)
gstbasesrc.c(929):gst_base_src_get_range:<filesrc0> unexpected length 0
(offset=3D161920, size=3D161920)ally linked pads
DEBUG (0x80cfbe8 - 0:00:00.830020000)              basesrc(16006)
gstbasesrc.c(1008):gst_base_src_loop:<filesrc0> going to EOS, getrange re=

Expected results:
The tag is found and the playback continues normally

Does this happen every time?

Other information:

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