[Bug 412678] random segfaults or memory corruptions with multiple textoverlays (pango not reentrant)

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Thu Mar 3 00:32:46 PST 2011

  GStreamer | gst-plugins-base | 0.10.x

--- Comment #16 from Stefan Kost (gstreamer, gtkdoc dev) <ensonic at sonicpulse.de> 2011-03-03 08:32:38 UTC ---
Asked behdad if there is a better solution for pango:

Your hack should work, but now that you are getting hit by this, why not make
pango thread safe?  It's not AS hard as one would imagine.  I'd love to hack
on it...

We need two pieces:
  - GOnce'ify initializations.  g_once_init/leave() make that less painful.
One can start by looking up all static variables in the library and attack
  - Lock'ify shared objects (fontmap, fonts, font familys, faces, ...).
Mutex's are painfully bulky and slow.  gbitlock to the rescue.  Lets start by
finishing my patch for g_object_lock():

Fixing pango is a bit outside of what I can do now and it might take a bit of
time to become effective to users anyway. Shall we put that hack in? I can add
a bit FIXME comment to explain.

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