[Bug 642271] crash in gst_caps_structure_intersect, encoder_match_media_type

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Tue Mar 8 00:10:09 PST 2011

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--- Comment #12 from Stefan Kost (gstreamer, gtkdoc dev) <ensonic at sonicpulse.de> 2011-03-08 08:10:01 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> The problem I'm trying to fix is when when gst_structure_validate_name
> (media_type) returns FALSE, not just when media_type is NULL.

True, I pushed you patch with a small modification. I'll push my test later
today from home.

commit 2bbfa3304ce183a1ef936023b4959c4134161c46
Author: Jonathan Matthew <jonathan at d14n.org>
Date:   Fri Mar 4 08:28:25 2011 +1000

    caps: don't create broken caps for invalid media types

    Check if structure has been created before appending it to the caps. Free
    caps in the case of an error to not conceal it be returning empty caps.

    Fixes #642271

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