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Tue Mar 8 21:30:10 PST 2011

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--- Comment #13 from Youness Alaoui <youness.alaoui at collabora.co.uk> 2011-03-09 05:30:04 UTC ---
I've now committed fixes to some of the things discussed here. I've also
rebased on the latest origin/master.

Here are the main issues raised, with their resolution :

> - GstResolutionFilter should also have something to specify the PAR/DAR or to
> force keeping the DAR and things like that. And the name could be improved I
> guess... but I don't know a good name
I've renamed the filter int GstVideoSizeFilter but see comment #12 with regards
to why I still couldn't add a ratio option

> - gst_filter_lock/unlock: Everywhere else in GStreamer we use macros for these
> things, e.g. GST_OBJECT_LOCK(). Would be nice to change that for consistency
I've replaced gst_filter_lock/unlock with
GST_FILTER_LOCK/TRYLOCK/UNLOCK/GET_LOCK macros and made the mutex public.
However, I'm still using g_mutex_lock directly without any macros *inside* the
filter managers's code to lock/unlock a private mutex inside the class, that's
fine, right ?

> - gst_filter_add_standard_element() is badly named. Elements with one pad named
> "sink" and one pad named "src" are not really "standard elements". More
> something like filter elements, one-to-one elements, etc.
I've revamped that API entirely, I used the '_default' for the apis that use
"src/sink" for pad names, I also made it more consistent, I noticed that there
was an add_element that returned a GstElement and another variant that returned
a GstPad, so I changed the API to have add_element_* return GstElement,
apply_element_* return the GstPad, and revert_element_* return the GstPad.

> - Is gst_filter_revert_bin() possible on a filter added by
> gst_filter_add_element_by_name()? If not, would such a feature be possible?
I removed gst_filter_revert_bin, and made a gst_filter_revert_element which
takes a pad name and gst_filter_revert_element_default that would work on a bin
or on an element added by gst_filter_add_element_by_name

> - It would be nice to have a small example in the section docs for the helpers.
> The purpose of the _revert_ functions is not totally clear to me (or the naming
> is a bit unlucky).

This is one of the big missing points.. I noticed many comments about the
documentation that needs to be clearer or more fleshed out, I haven't done that
yet, as it takes time to properly write documentation and I'm hoping someone
else might do it :p 
Let's concentrate on the API, and on the code review first, then I'll make sure
the documentation as on the same level (or close) to the other gstreamer docs.


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