[Bug 625618] [multiudpsink] socket_error_is_ignorable() can cause infinite loop

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Wed Mar 16 04:55:00 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #4 from Robert Krakora <rob.krakora at messagenetsystems.com> 2011-03-16 11:54:56 UTC ---
Hi Wim & Tobias,

sendto() and sendmsg() certainly do return ECONNREFUSED (error 61).  It is
largely undocumented for Linux and was not documented for the longest time for
BSD, but both functions do return the error.  I would not have supplied a patch
unless I had seen a error 61 returned by sendmsg().

Documented for other BSD OSes:

Link from 2001 requesting ECONNREFUSED (error 61) be documented for BSD:

Best Regards,

Rob Krakora

rob.krakora at technicolor.com

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