[Bug 638987] [0.11] GstIterator needs a registered type

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Thu Mar 17 07:06:52 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #11 from Sebastian Dröge <slomo at circular-chaos.org> 2011-03-17 14:06:46 UTC ---
But it prevents scary things like we have right now. For example, in the
compare function of gst_iterator_search_custom() you have to unref the item if
it's not the one you're looking for and otherwise don't have to unref it. And
it makes ownership of references clearer in general and actually allows
bindings to use all parts of GstIterator correctly.

If you look at my patches to convert the gstbin, the elements, etc to the new
API you'll see that the additional code required for GValue in C is minimal.

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