[Bug 638987] [0.11] GstIterator needs a registered type

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Fri Mar 18 04:30:30 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #12 from Johan (not reading bugmail) Dahlin <johan at gnome.org> 2011-03-18 11:30:26 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> Using GAsyncResult for the filter/fold/foreach/find_custom is not a good idea
> IMHO, it would require to create a GObject for every single call which seems
> like too much for a simple iterator. Why exactly is this needed at all? How do
> you handle g_list_foreach() and similar functions in gobject-introspection?

The g_list_* API is not supported directly, but APis using GList can be
supported using annotations.
If we avoid GAsyncResult we'd just need to annotate the callbacks to know their

GValue* makes a lot of sense, perhaps some extra C sugar should be added to
hide GValue for the C users, but it doesn't seem to be too bad as you

Someone (probably I) need to take a look if gjs/pygobject can handle the
patches you sent. Please leave this bug open until it's confirmed that
GstIterator can be used properly from at least one dynamic/introspected
language binding.

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