[Bug 645016] [multiqueue] During switching of streams it can happen that all pads returned not-linked last

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Sat Mar 19 01:04:17 PDT 2011

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Sebastian Dröge <slomo> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|UNCONFIRMED                 |ASSIGNED
         AssignedTo|gstreamer-bugs at lists.freede |slomo at circular-chaos.org
                   |sktop.org                   |
            Summary|[inputselector] During      |[multiqueue] During
                   |switching of streams it can |switching of streams it can
                   |happen that all pads        |happen that all pads
                   |returned not-linked last    |returned not-linked last
     Ever Confirmed|0                           |1

--- Comment #1 from Sebastian Dröge <slomo at circular-chaos.org> 2011-03-19 08:04:14 UTC ---
I'm going to fix this with a stream-activate event that can be used to tell
upstream that a stream is not going to be used. This can then prevent
multiqueue from pushing further data through that pad until the stream is
activated again and do the same throttling logic as done with not-linked.

The event can also be used by decoders and everything to disable expensive
processing until the stream is activated again.

The event will contain a boolean to specify if the stream is active or not

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