[Bug 640859] basesink incorrectly categorizes timestamp jitter as drift

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Wed Mar 23 15:09:54 PDT 2011

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Håvard Graff (hgr) <havard.graff> changed:

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--- Comment #32 from Håvard Graff (hgr) <havard.graff at tandberg.com> 2011-03-23 22:09:41 UTC ---
We (Tandberg/Cisco) recently changed this value from 125ms to 225ms based on
simulations of real-life data from users experiencing glitches in their audio.
However, our use case is strictly live streaming which is much more
timestamp-jitter-prone. As long as this value is configurable, I find the
discussion of a default-value a bit meaningless?

What I don´t like is the fact that drift_tolerance is one variable used for two
completely different things. The relationship between a master-clock (driver
AD/DA) and the element-clock has very little to do with the threshold for
sacrificing time-accurate placement in the ringbuffer to allow alignment. But
that´s a different bug I guess... :)

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