[Bug 645167] [xmp] Add a new XmpConfig interface

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Mon Mar 28 10:15:18 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #6 from Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m at zen.co.uk> 2011-03-28 17:15:14 UTC ---
> > [hash table] 
> I can't think of something else now, but we can always change this later.

A plain GList or array, for example.

> >     why not a const gchar ** or even a simple const gchar *
> >     (e.g. comma-separated list of schemas to use)? (see below)
> GList* is not binding friendly, right?

Not so much, or at least it requires more markup. But it seemed to me that the
GList * was chosen mostly because that's what g_hash_table_get_keys() returns.
I'd keep it simple here. Let's make it a const gchar ** then - that's in line
with what _list_schemas() returns.

> The use case I have is to be able to disable some undesired schema, so the
> blacklist mode makes sense to me. But then I don't know about all the possible
> use cases, one might want only a specific schema.

I think we can just keep it as it is then, that allows for all options.

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