[Bug 600648] [multiqueue] Queues up too much data

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Tue Mar 29 06:37:09 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #18 from Sebastian Dröge <slomo at circular-chaos.org> 2011-03-29 13:36:59 UTC ---
Ok, syncing by the running time is implemented in my branch now:

This doesn't completely fix the issue though, for sparse streams like subtitles
we still need something like the sparse stream event mentioned above. And then
keep more than a single buffer in multiqueue.

Example of what happens right now. Assume you have two subtitle streams, one
with buffers [1s,30s], [20s,5s] and the other one with [8s,3s], [25s,5s]. The
first one is activated first, the first buffer goes to the subtitle renderer
and the second one is pushed to the subtitle renderer too and then the subtitle
renderer synchronizes, i.e. blocks. multiqueue already advanced the running
time to 20s now and the first buffer of the second stream is dropped. When we
switch to the second stream only the buffer at 25s will be shown because the
other one is gone already.

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