[Bug 617045] [caps] New method for intersecting caps while retaining order

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Wed Mar 30 05:56:01 PDT 2011

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Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEW                         |RESOLVED
                 CC|                            |t.i.m at zen.co.uk
         Resolution|                            |FIXED
   Target Milestone|HEAD                        |0.10.33

--- Comment #26 from Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m at zen.co.uk> 2011-03-30 12:55:54 UTC ---
This was committed (bugzilla status reverted because of bugzilla database
restoration from backup):

commit d979eb3e9e8590da66f8948273ba276e700b97fc
Author: Edward Hervey <bilboed at bilboed.com>
Date:   Mon Apr 19 20:39:53 2010 +0200

    basesrc: Keep downstream caps order when fixating

    This allows use to use the first intersecting format prefered by


commit 0f0a62f316aff3a135ca4bcfe98964f1d053be73
Author: Edward Hervey <bilboed at bilboed.com>
Date:   Mon Apr 19 20:40:56 2010 +0200

    basetransform: Retain caps order when getting caps

    If the element gave us caps in a specific order, let's retain that
    by intersecting against the template but retaining the order given
    by the element.


commit 0e1a56146728563e84e95521c856425bebf78506
Author: Thiago Santos <thiago.sousa.santos at collabora.co.uk>
Date:   Fri Feb 25 10:25:26 2011 -0300

    tests: caps: Tests for the new caps intersection mode

    Adds test cases for the caps 'first' intersect mode
    Adds another test for the 'zigzag' mode

    Fixes #617045

commit 09d83e589ab24becbe9171407e8b5a865f7d898d
Author: Edward Hervey <bilboed at bilboed.com>
Date:   Fri Feb 25 08:50:12 2011 -0300

    gstcaps: new API : gst_caps_intersect_full

    Just like gst_caps_intersect, but adds a new parameter 'mode'
    that allows selecting the intersection algorithm to use.

    Currently we have GST_CAPS_INTERSECT_MODE_ZIG_ZAG (default) and

    API: gst_caps_intersect_full
    API: GstCapsIntersectMode


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