[Bug 658309] [souphttpsrc] how to seek? If the server uses “chunked encoding” ?

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Wed Sep 7 01:33:57 PDT 2011

  GStreamer | gst-plugins-good | 0.10.36

--- Comment #1 from Davy <realbrightster at gmail.com> 2011-09-07 08:33:55 UTC ---
I modified start() function as below in order to know server’s seekable status.
It works fine but I’d like to know what you think


... any place
src-seekable = is_server_seekable(src);

    Create soup synchronous session
    Build message with Range header (bytes=0-1024)
         - I picked up the small range value(1K) to reduce latency
        Send message (Partial GET) to src->location
        Check server’s response, status_line
        Return statue_line == SOUP_STATUS_PARTIAL_CONTENT ? 1 : 0

- let client know EXACT server’s seekable status
-client can seek, even thought server response with chunked encoding without
content length

- latency will be increased when start() is called. 
- unknown side-effect

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