[Bug 655622] [opencv] [PATCH] Feature requests and bug fixes for gstOpenCV

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Sat Sep 10 06:46:14 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #35 from Nicola <lists at svrinformatica.it> 2011-09-10 13:46:11 UTC ---
Robert I did some check with valgrind and looking at the cpu usage and I found
no regression, great!

The patch didn't applyed cleanly for me but maybe I'm not using the current

However motioncells seems less sensible to the motion now, for example this
pipeline doesn't give motion events anymore:

gst-launch-0.10 -v -m -t videotestsrc pattern=18 ! videorate ! videoscale !
video/x-raw-yuv,width=320,height=240,framerate=5/1 ! ffmpegcolorspace !
motioncells ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink

I have to set sensitivity=1.0 to have some motions (or increase the framerate
and sensitivity). I think it works with the previous version,


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