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--- Comment #1 from David Laban <alsuren at gmail.com> 2011-09-13 16:15:05 UTC ---
#15 Test video encoder flush handling

Should pass through flush-start and flush-stop, and handle flushing
properly (ie. flush encoder and any internal queues etc.). Test should
also include real scenarios in terms of multiple threads involved,
e.g. flush-start happening from application thread, followed by flush-
stop from streaming thread and some such, many flush-starts happening
in a row, e.g. if user does seek scrubbing.

#16 Test video encoder latency handling

Video encoder should handle the latency query properly. Test that it
takes upstream latency into account properly (both latency values and
live-ness) and proxies those values through, adding its own latency
(which will depend on current settings).

#17 Test video encoder bitrate handling

Make sure output bitrate actually roughly matches the configured
bitrate according to the bitrate settings (might need codec-specific
code, testing different level/profile settings). Check if bitrate is
changeable on-the-fly (if the encoder supports that).

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