[Bug 659114] [core] Some nifty corrections and spellchecking

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Mon Sep 19 04:56:16 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #10 from Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m at zen.co.uk> 2011-09-19 11:56:14 UTC ---
I'm tempted to just WONTFIX most of these. Most of them are completely
inconsequential bikeshedding/"I think it's prettier/better/nice to" issues. We
have barely enough manpower to maintain things at the moment, most of our core
devs can only dream of actually having enough time to hack on 0.11, and we
really don't need to waste time at the moment by deliberating about char vs.
gchar or GST_IS_CAPS vs. caps != NULL (one does a run-time type check btw, and
may have performance implications). Not to mention that such changes make it
harder to merge stuff in general, with little benefit. Again, IMHO

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