[Bug 659687] New: avimux FPE crash

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Wed Sep 21 03:41:00 PDT 2011

  GStreamer | gst-plugins-good | 0.10.3

           Summary: avimux FPE crash
    Classification: Platform
           Product: GStreamer
           Version: 0.10.3
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Normal
         Component: gst-plugins-good
        AssignedTo: gstreamer-bugs at lists.freedesktop.org
        ReportedBy: raubtierxxx at gmail.com
         QAContact: gstreamer-bugs at lists.freedesktop.org
     GNOME version: ---

I am developing a video rendering app, on Ubuntu 10.10, using gstreamer-0.10
and gstreamer-plugins-good-0.10.30. My pipeline is: 
multijpegsrc -> ffdec_mjpeg -> ffmpegcolorspace -> videoflip -> textoverlay ->
textoverlay -> textoverlay -> tee(src) -> ffenc_mp4 -> (video_0)avimux ->
filesink, tee(src1) -> queue -> xvimagesink; filesrc -> wavparse ->
audioconvert -> ffenc_mp2 -> (audio_0)avimux. 
Where multijpegsrc is an adapted version of multifilesrc, which uses another
file-choosing algorithm corresponding to my needs, but overall effect of
working element is the same.
An FPE occures only when rendering seem to reach the end (100% progress).
Disabling sound fixes FPE, adding zero-division-preventing condition to
avimux's code also does.

some GDB stuff:
Program terminated with signal 8, Arithmetic exception.
#0  0x0408e04c in gst_avi_mux_audsink_set_fields (avimux=0x9960020)
    at gstavimux.c:726
726        avipad->parent.hdr.rate = avipad->auds.av_bps /

considering types of arguments, I get zero value in avipad->auds.blockalign

(gdb) list
721        /* FIXME ?? some rumours say this should be largest audio chunk size
722        avipad->auds.blockalign = avipad->parent.hdr.scale;
723      } else {
724        /* by spec, hdr.rate is av_bps related, is calculated that way in
725         * and reduces to sample rate in PCM like cases */
726        avipad->parent.hdr.rate = avipad->auds.av_bps /
727        avipad->parent.hdr.samplesize = avipad->auds.blockalign;
728        avipad->parent.hdr.scale = 1;
729      }
730    }

(gdb) bt
#0  0x0408e04c in gst_avi_mux_audsink_set_fields (avimux=0x9960020)
    at gstavimux.c:726
#1  gst_avi_mux_stop_file (avimux=0x9960020) at gstavimux.c:1838
#2  0x0408e915 in gst_avi_mux_do_one_buffer (pads=0x94d2670, avimux=0x9960020)
    at gstavimux.c:2068
#3  gst_avi_mux_collect_pads (pads=0x94d2670, avimux=0x9960020)
    at gstavimux.c:2084
#4  0x0199ffa2 in gst_collect_pads_check_collected (pads=0x94d2670)
    at gstcollectpads.c:1126
#5  0x019a04e0 in gst_collect_pads_event (pad=0x9965330, event=0x9b5c250)
    at gstcollectpads.c:1232
#6  0x0408f08c in gst_avi_mux_handle_event (pad=0x9965330, event=0x9b5c250)
    at gstavimux.c:1913
#7  0x00a790c3 in gst_pad_send_event (pad=0x9965330, event=0x9b5c250)
    at gstpad.c:5043
#8  0x00a7963a in gst_pad_push_event (pad=0x99654c0, event=0x9b5c250)
    at gstpad.c:4899
#9  0x019968e2 in gst_base_transform_sink_event (pad=0x99653f8,
    event=0x9b5c250) at gstbasetransform.c:1710
#10 0x00a790c3 in gst_pad_send_event (pad=0x99653f8, event=0x9b5c250)
    at gstpad.c:5043
[35 more skipped]

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