[Bug 659814] basesink: take segment start into account in position reporting

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Thu Sep 22 05:37:08 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #4 from Mark Nauwelaerts <mnauw at users.sourceforge.net> 2011-09-22 12:37:04 UTC ---
Btw/fwiw, a good bet for the cause is a demuxer that sends (S, E, S) in the
segment event where 0 != S := first buffer ts (or so).  That will already lead
to a position (stream_time) starting at S (but running_time at 0).  For 'nice
human reading', it should probably send (start, stop, 0).

It could also not mind and send (0, duration, 0) and position will start at 0,
though there would not be much playback happening for some time as the
running_time will not start at 0 then.

Some demuxers are (already) aware of this and do 'initial offset corrections',
asfdemux iirc, others may not (and others need not care anyway, e.g. avidemux).

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