[Bug 659833] Playback stalls with EOS from pipeline at resolution change with tsdemux

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Fri Sep 23 04:26:01 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #4 from Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent.penquerch at collabora.co.uk> 2011-09-23 11:25:56 UTC ---
For clarification, the PCR scanner code reads 50 packets, so by offsetting 50
packets from the end of the stream, rather than 4000, we ensure that the last
50 packets are read, and not 50 packets from a way before the end.

There is a risk that no valid PCR will be found within those 50 last packets,
so a really better fix would be to linearly scan from the end of the stream
till a valid PCR is found. I've no idea what is the likelohood that no valid
PCR will be found within 50 packets, not knowing much at all about MPEG.

Also, MPEG can have PCR discontinuities, so determining stream length like this
will yield a wrong result if there's a discontitnuity between start and end of
the stream. While this can be detected if endpcr < firstpcr, I don't know if
there's a way to detect it if there's a jump forward (eg, some version number,

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