[Bug 659924] GStreamer fails to play certain MPEG-2 transport streams containing audio and private data

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Fri Sep 23 05:22:41 PDT 2011

  GStreamer | gst-plugins-bad | 0.10.36

Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent.penquerch> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent.penquerch at collabora.co.uk> 2011-09-23 12:22:39 UTC ---
playbin2 works for me on that stream. The private data streams ought not be
autoplugged to anything unless you have an autopluggable element that can take
application/x-mpegts-private-section caps, which AFAIK we don't, so should not
block the pipeline.

The last pipeline you give does block for me, since you're manually adding a
link. It would make sense to treat these as discontinuous streams, and keep a
running segment sync on those pads when no data is received, which should allow
that last pipeline to run.

There might be another issue though, if playbin2 hangs for you. I haven't seen
it hang once in a couple dozen runs. If you run it with
GST_DEBUG=GST_ELEMENT_FACTORY:3, do you see any decoder created for those
private sections ?

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