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Mon Sep 26 23:45:51 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #2 from Nicola <lists at svrinformatica.it> 2011-09-27 06:45:47 UTC ---
yes I compiled gstreamer with:

./configure --disable-debug --disable-examples --disable-tests
--disable-gst-debug --disable-trace --disable-alloc-trace

and the plugins with:

./configure --disable-debug --disable-examples

there are only this two warnings for plugins-base and few other for -bad and
-good. --disable-gst-debug produce some performance gain or do you suggest to
recompile without this? I have another embedded system and I used the same
configure params with an older gstreamer version (a released one maybe 0.10.34)
and I had no warnings at all

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