[Bug 660260] New: [ismlmux] Add support GstForceKeyUnit events

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           Summary: [ismlmux] Add support GstForceKeyUnit events
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           Product: GStreamer
           Version: git
        OS/Version: Linux
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          Priority: Normal
         Component: gst-plugins-bad
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        ReportedBy: ylatuya at gmail.com
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The flowing patch adds support for GstForceKeyUnit events to ismlmux.

I have added a new property called 'fragment-method':
 * NONE: do not fragment (default value for muxers that are not the ismlmux)
 * TIME: fragment by time, set in the fragment-duration property (default value
for the ismlmux, keeping the old behaviour)
 * EVENT: Uses the GstForceKeyUnit event to generate fragments.

This muxer is different from the other ones (webm or mpegts) in the sense that
it can mux several video qualities and the audio track is packed in a separate
fragment. So to make it work the audio pad should be receiving GstForceKeyUnits

I have tested this patch using Flumotion's smooth streamer[1] with a pipeline
similar to:
vsource ! keyunitsscheduler ! tee name=t  ! h264enc ! ismlmux name=mux !
                                       t. ! h264enc ! mux.
                                       t. ! h264enc ! mux.
asource ! keyunitsscheduler               ! aacenc  ! mux.

This patch relies in the new API for GstForceKeyUnit events

[1] https://code.flumotion.com/cgit/flumotion-fragmented-streaming/

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