[Bug 654383] No playback of DVDs in Totem Debian / Squeeze

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Tue Sep 27 10:43:25 PDT 2011

  GStreamer | gstreamer (core) | 0.10.x

--- Comment #32 from Tomas Kral <thomas.kral at email.cz> 2011-09-27 17:43:20 UTC ---
$ gst-launch-0.10 \ 
dvdreadsrc device=/dev/scd0 title=1 ! dvddemux name=d \
d.current_audio ! queue ! a52dec ! audioconvert ! autoaudiosink \ 
d.current_video ! queue ! ffdec_mpeg2video ! ffmpegcolorspace ! navseek !

Is a workaround that plays nicely, albeit with some frames dropped
thank you for that

my current processor is DURON 750MHz, bus speed is 100MHz, DVD is DMA 33MHz
I have got DURON 1200MHz in the sale, so i may try to swap them and see if I
got better
render / drop ratio

perhaps it really is a slow H/W issue

now I am thinking, how I could recompile totem, making it use the above
workaround :-)

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