[Bug 671277] rtspsrc segfault during pipeline state change to NULL

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Sun Mar 4 12:19:11 PST 2012

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--- Comment #2 from Nicola <lists at svrinformatica.it> 2012-03-04 20:19:07 UTC ---
It is quite reproducible with any gstreamer version (official releases and
yesterday git) doing export GST_DEBUG=*,5 (I was debugging another bug) or if
the machine running the gstreamer app has a high load

here is the output from gdb

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
gst_rtsp_connection_flush (conn=0x51, flush=1) at gstrtspconnection.c:2567
2567      gst_poll_set_flushing (conn->fdset, flush);
(gdb) print *conn
Cannot access memory at address 0x51

here is the valgrind output:

==8806== Invalid read of size 8
==8806==    at 0xBB0EAED: gst_rtspsrc_connection_flush (gstrtspsrc.c:3428)
==8806==    by 0xBB103F5: gst_rtspsrc_loop_send_cmd.isra.9 (gstrtspsrc.c:4132)
==8806==    by 0xBB1C3BD: gst_rtspsrc_change_state (gstrtspsrc.c:6592)
==8806==    by 0x4E71ECB: gst_element_change_state (gstelement.c:2761)
==8806==    by 0x4E72821: gst_element_set_state_func (gstelement.c:2717)
==8806==    by 0x4E5EED9: gst_bin_change_state_func (gstbin.c:2209)
==8806==    by 0x4E92900: gst_pipeline_change_state (gstpipeline.c:484)
==8806==    by 0x4E71ECB: gst_element_change_state (gstelement.c:2761)
==8806==    by 0x4E71F4E: gst_element_change_state (gstelement.c:2798)
==8806==    by 0x4E7218A: gst_element_change_state (gstelement.c:2805)
==8806==    by 0x4E72821: gst_element_set_state_func (gstelement.c:2717)

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