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--- Comment #3 from Jojo Man <jojoman02 at gmail.com> 2012-03-04 21:27:11 UTC ---
Above, i have provided the link to how XBMC handles the values and represents
this field to the user. It is the same as how mediamonkey handles it (according
to wiki). I believe gstreamer should also present this field to applications in
the same manner (as XBMC) so there is rating consistency across gstreamer based
apps and among mediamonkey/xbmc/WMP etc users. To further clarify either solely
or in addition to the value of the POPM field gstreamer should extrapolate the
rating value based on the values below and present that to applications.

Here is some information from the wiki link above:  (hope it helps)

POPM value -> Star rating

0                -> undefined -> ZERO/NO STARS
1*              -> 1 STAR        (This is a special case for Windows Media
2-8            -> ZERO STARS
9-49*        -> 1 STAR
50-113      -> 2 STARS
114-167    -> 3 STARS
168-218    -> 4 STARS
219-255    -> 5 STARS

Information regarding reading the tag is provided by the id3.org website above.
Clicking the following link should take you directly to section 4.18 where the
POPM field is discussed.
-> http://www.id3.org/id3v2.3.0#head-2452ec9cf8b42c5c117b518b69e129ff67970852

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