[Bug 671977] basevideodecoder: add support for GstSurfaceBuffer caps

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Tue Mar 13 07:29:03 PDT 2012

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--- Comment #3 from Holger Kaelberer <hk at getslash.de> 2012-03-13 14:29:00 UTC ---
Please feel free to change the 'how' in whatever way seems right to you. The
attached patch was meant to make it work. 

The minimum necessary is to allow for mime-type GST_VIDEO_CAPS_SURFACE and
further caps properties/keys set by the deriving class used for what is
mentioned in the GstSurfaceBuffer docs:

An implementation specific type must be set using the "type" key (e.g.
type="vaapi"). Available convertion type are speficied using seperate boolean
arguement (e.g. opengl=true). Having this information in the capabilities allow
easy negotiating of such feature with other elements (e.g. a
ClutterGstVideoSink can claim accpeting caps "video/x-surface,opengl=true").

Was sure if these 'keys' are final or will be extended ...


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