[Bug 667293] build: Make sure AC_INCLUDES_DEFAULT is used

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Wed Mar 21 05:55:43 PDT 2012

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--- Comment #2 from Idar Tollefsen <itollefs at cisco.com> 2012-03-21 12:55:40 UTC ---
This comes down to getting stdlib.h in the mix together with whatever defines
have been set on the command line or in the autoconf test to define X/Open
standard with or without extensions. These are needed for the compiler to
accept most of the header files autoconf checks for on Solaris.

The downside is of course that it no longer just checks for the presence of the
header file, but that the check fails if it isn't useable.

I've tested this on Solaris 11 Express and Solaris 11 11/11, all with SunPro.
It's also been tested on Mac OS X (10.6) with GCC 4.2 and LLVM-GCC, and on
Linux (Ubuntu 10 and 11) with GCC 4.5 and 4.6. However, for all them, fairly
recent versions of autoconf were used (ranging from v2.65 to v2.68 if I
remember correctly).

I believe the new semantics makes more sense. I realize that's a personal
opinion though, and that there have been fairly heated discussions on the

I'd prefer to get AC_INCLUDES_DEFAULT in there to 1) get rid of the warning and
2) be prepared for the eventual switch. That is, if the switch ever happens; I
think I remember seeing this distinction and switch warning already in the late

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