[Bug 672701] [playbin2] playback broken for certain file

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Fri Mar 23 09:22:17 PDT 2012

  GStreamer | gst-plugins-base | 0.10.36

--- Comment #2 from Andreas Frisch <fraxinas at opendreambox.org> 2012-03-23 16:22:09 UTC ---
further experiments have shown that
gst-launch filesrc location=BrokenPlayback2.mkv ! matroskademux ! dvbvideosink
works just fine but when introducing the respective video parser element
gst-launch filesrc location=BrokenPlayback2.mkv ! matroskademux !
mpegvideoparse ! dvbvideosink
then we get the same exact error pattern like when using playbin2

the problem may be caused by excess cpu load
without the parser, playback consumes 3-6%, with playbin2 it's at full load

this problem is limited to our embedded architecture with a hardware decoder,
on the pc it doesn't cause problems

and it's apparently limited to MPEG2 streams, h264parse doesn't cause this kind
of problems

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