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--- Comment #6 from Mark Nauwelaerts <mnauw at users.sourceforge.net> 2012-03-27 10:57:05 UTC ---
And some more ...

* gst_buffer_span has disabled code that will copy over _OFFSET etc if the
offset == 0.  Not doing so impacts gst_buffer_join in particular and affects
all sorts of elements in subtle ways (e.g. makes the icydemux test fail etc).
Don't know what's the deal/idea here; re-enable ? or is there an alternative.

* seems like elements should be very careful these days to return FALSE when
receiving some event (e.g. a newsegment event in an unexpected format), since
upstream will keep trying to send it (if sticky, as many are) and fail hard
when "real data" is then being pushed (and the sticky event still was not
received properly).  Maybe self-evident, but probably a problem here and there
for elements using an event return value for some hacks that might then need (a
query?) alternative (e.g. flacenc springs to mind).

* a device's position (e.g. alsa) can typically contain something like

However, this will lead to gst_audio_ring_buffer_set_channel_positions failing
(assertion-wise or maybe more seriously) when the incoming data's channel mask
describes e.g. a single _FRONT_CENTER mono channel, or _REAR_LEFT and

* crop metadata vs caps:
it looks like the caps width/height should reflect the image's total
width/height, and not the cropped width/height (presumably so an element not
having such crop meta support can carry on as usual).  If indeed so, maybe
having this specified/documented somewhere?

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