[Bug 705991] Adding support for DASH common encryption to qtdemux and dashdemux

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Mon Feb 2 07:27:42 PST 2015

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--- Comment #83 from A Ashley <bugzilla at ashley-family.net> 2015-02-02 15:27:35 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #79)
> As I mentioned in person, I don't think this should be pushed in this form. I
> think we need to take a step back and re-evaluate how we want to do this, and
> do it a bit more generically ideally.

Without any concrete counter proposal, it's hard to have a meaningful

Are you hinting that we should be using an upstream query to find PSSI data,
rather than pushing it as sticky events?

Or are you unhappy about the use of protection-system-id-xxxxx in the caps? As
you can see from the length of this ticket, we've been back and forth on this
and this approach seemed the least worst solution.

Or are you unhappy about its name being specific to DASH CENC? The design
supports PIFF as well as CENC, so we could rename it to something more generic.

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