[Bug 743945] rtpjitterbuffer: add "do-deadline" property

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Tue Feb 3 11:56:08 PST 2015

  GStreamer | gst-plugins-good | 1.4.5

--- Comment #5 from Miguel París Díaz <mparisdiaz at gmail.com> 2015-02-03 19:56:05 UTC ---
Reading the current code, I understand that for the first received packet, it
is not possible to know if it is the "real" first one, if previous packets are
lost, or if it is disordered.
>From this point I had two possibilities to improve the case where the
time of the media establishment is too important:
  a) Wait rtx-delay-reorder instead of the latency
  b) Not wait, because I don't want to loss the time of waiting any packet (I
did this solution).

On the other hand, I want to be careful because there can be some case where
the current behaviour is needed, so I don't want to break them and I have added
this new attribute.

Anyway, to avoid assumptions, this has been done by Wim, so he could tell us
why he did this ;).

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