[Bug 743945] rtpjitterbuffer: add "do-deadline" property

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Tue Feb 3 14:25:30 PST 2015

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Olivier CrĂȘte <olivier.crete> changed:

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--- Comment #8 from Olivier CrĂȘte <olivier.crete at ocrete.ca> 2015-02-03 22:25:26 UTC ---
The "do-deadline" property you're proposing doesn't make sense. If the latency
is not "used" in the jitterbuffer, the same latency will happen at the sink, so
the first packet will arrive at the output at the exact same time. 

If you want a lower latency, just reduce the "latency" property, if it's not
enough, increase it (well, make it into a dynamic JB..)

@tim @slomo: The JB will immediately push buffers where the seqnum follows the
previous one, but for the first one, it has to wait until the latency deadline
to make sure the first buffer was not re-ordered.

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