[Bug 743984] gst-libav-1.4.5: patch to support libav-9 usage

GStreamer (bugzilla.gnome.org) bugzilla at gnome.org
Wed Feb 4 05:08:11 PST 2015

  GStreamer | gst-libav | 1.4.5

--- Comment #2 from Sebastian Dröge (slomo) <slomo at coaxion.net> 2015-02-04 13:08:05 UTC ---
But thanks for the patch nonetheless, it might be useful for others in your
situation and can be found here in Bugzilla by them.

FYI, in Debian we also have a patch to make gst-libav 1.4 work with libav 11.
If that ever becomes a situation for you.

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