[Bug 743945] rtpjitterbuffer: add "do-deadline" property

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Wed Feb 4 15:08:44 PST 2015

  GStreamer | gst-plugins-good | 1.4.5

--- Comment #14 from Olivier CrĂȘte <olivier.crete at ocrete.ca> 2015-02-04 23:08:38 UTC ---
@miguel: You probably want to put sync=true on the sinks for the outgoing RTP
stream. Otherwise, as soon as you have a one lost packet in the input stream,
you will cause a big time gap between of duration "latency" in the output
stream, followed by the content of the queue inside the jitterbuffer in quick
succession, which is bad, as it will make it more likely to have further
dropped packets on the outgoing stream (as you suddenly increase the packet
rate just when you have a loss potentially caused by congestion). It also means
that the receiver of the output stream will need a latency of at least
"latency" to not have drops (as this is the jitter you're introducing) And if
you put sync=true, then this patch is not useful as the sink will block until
you've exhausted the full pipeline latency anyway.

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