[Bug 736655] basesink: preroll issue for some clips which audio is shorter than video

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Thu Feb 5 02:02:13 PST 2015

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Jan Schmidt <thaytan> changed:

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--- Comment #92 from Jan Schmidt <thaytan at noraisin.net> 2015-02-05 10:02:11 UTC ---
My latest patches for audiobasesink in Bug 735666 help with the prerolling
here, but only up to a point - audiobasesink will process a GAP with timestamp
& duration as if it were an audio buffer of the same time+duration and
successfully go PLAYING->PAUSED->PLAYING.

That means that streamsynchroniser needs to make sure to send a GAP (or GAPs)
that fill the entire time range until it is ready to either start a new stream
or send EOS.

It looks like these patches will achieve that, but sending a new GAP when
changing state in stream synchroniser, but wouldn't it be better to wake the
streams that are looping on EOS every time data passes on another pad that
'moves time forward' and have them send another GAP event then?

With the approach in these patches, new GAP events are only sent when
streamsynchroniser changes state, on the presumption that that's also when the
audio sinks change state. Maybe there's pipelines where that assumption isn't

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