[Bug 743945] rtpjitterbuffer: add "do-deadline" property

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Thu Feb 5 02:52:04 PST 2015

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--- Comment #17 from Miguel París Díaz <mparisdiaz at gmail.com> 2015-02-05 10:51:56 UTC ---
The point here is when a timer for a packet lost is scheduled. There are 3
1) Commented by you:
2) Without retransmissions:
3) Taking into account rtx_retry_period

So, you are right but only in the first case.

In the 3rd case, the packet will be considered lost when a timeout based on the
RTT and the jitter
so the delay added is not the "latency".

Moreover, I am using a patch suggested by me few months ago:
This patch adds a property to set the max number of retransmission retries. So
if it is 0, only a retransmission will be requested, and if the related RTP
packet does not arrive on the timeout, it is considered lost (applying the 3rd

You can see a set of patches to improve jitterbuffer (in our case):

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