[Bug 736655] basesink: preroll issue for some clips which audio is shorter than video

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Thu Feb 5 06:58:13 PST 2015

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--- Comment #95 from kevin <kevinbing.song at gmail.com> 2015-02-05 14:58:11 UTC ---
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> (In reply to comment #93)
> > (In reply to comment #92)
> > > My latest patches for audiobasesink in Bug 735666 help with the prerolling
> > > here, but only up to a point - audiobasesink will process a GAP with timestamp
> > > & duration as if it were an audio buffer of the same time+duration and
> > > successfully go PLAYING->PAUSED->PLAYING.
> > > 
> > How about video sink? Do video sink need GAP event to finish pre-roll when
> The same thing applies to video sinks - they need a GAP to preroll too.
If video is shorter than audio, streamsynchronizer will send GAP event when
received video EOS. How to set the GAP duration?
If pipeline change state from PLAYING to PAUSED, do streamsynchronizer need
send GAP event again to finish video pre-roll? do streamsynchronizer need send
GAP event every time when pipeline change state from PLAYING to PAUSED?
> > > That means that streamsynchroniser needs to make sure to send a GAP (or GAPs)
> > > that fill the entire time range until it is ready to either start a new stream
> > > or send EOS.
> > > 
> > streamsynchronizer will seng GAP with duration is GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE. Do
> > streamsychronizer need search all segment to get to biggest time range? Or
> > audio sink can handle GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE.
> Duration GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE is handled as duration = 0 in the sink, so it will
> effectively 'fill time' up to the start timestamp.
So streamsynchronizer should send GAP with duration is GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE when
received EOS for shorter track? and send GAP event for the shorter track to
'moves time forward' in other track chain function? And send all tracks EOS
event after received all tracks EOS event.
> > > It looks like these patches will achieve that, but sending a new GAP when
> > > changing state in stream synchroniser, but wouldn't it be better to wake the
> > > streams that are looping on EOS every time data passes on another pad that
> > > 'moves time forward' and have them send another GAP event then?
> > > 
> > streamsynchronizer will send GAP event in chain function. But pad push will be
> > blocked when sink changed to PAUSED state and then can't send GAP event. So
> > need send GAP event when state change in streamsynchronizer.
> If pad_push() is blocked, you can't send a GAP event downstream there anyway -
> the STREAM_LOCK() will be held by the pad_push(). That case should work. The
> one that is broken is where you sent a GAP downstream from teh EOS event
> handler, advancing time to some time 'timestamp', and then time advanced past
> that point, and your pad_push_event (pad, gap_event) returned - you need to
> either push a new gap, or push a buffer then.

If pad_push() is blocked, streamsynchronizer can't send GAP event for shorter
track in chain function. The shorter track is reach EOS, and no any buffer
reach streamsynchronizer, so basesink can't finished pre-roll for the shorter
track. The longer track is pro-rolled and blocked. So streamsynchronizer need
send GAP event for shorter track when state change, and send the GAP event in
event handle thread.

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