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Fri Feb 6 16:03:04 PST 2015

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Andreas Frisch <fraxinas> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Andreas Frisch <fraxinas at opendreambox.org> 2015-02-07 00:02:57 UTC ---
This stuff is really promising, thanks for telling me about it this morning,

I'm looking into the possibility of using this to proxy an rtsp stream through
an intermediary server, so I don't want to use decodebin elements but instead,
take each received/"recorded" encoded streams and provide it as a PLAY media
for another rtsp client. 

so I put
gst_rtsp_media_factory_set_transport_mode (factory,
into the test-record example and supply a pipeline of
./test-record "( rtpmp4vdepay name=depay0 ! mpeg4videoparse ! rtpmp4vpay
name=pay0 pt=96  rtpmp4gdepay name=depay1 ! aacparse ! rtpmp4gpay name=pay1
pt=97 )"
which results in:
(lt-test-record:10642): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_get_valist: object
class 'GstRtpMP4VDepay' has no property named 'pt'
0:00:02.692684917 10642       0x6b4450 ERROR              rtspmedia
rtsp-media.c:3461:default_handle_sdp: 0x7f5d6402e370: Media has more or less
streams than SDP (4 /= 2)
0:00:02.692717707 10642       0x6b4450 ERROR             rtspclient
rtsp-client.c:2265:handle_sdp: client 0x81c8b0: could not handle SDP
0:00:02.692730227 10642       0x6b4450 ERROR             rtspclient
rtsp-client.c:2409:handle_announce_request: client 0x81c8b0: can't handle SDP
once the RECORD commences. 
it's probably simply a strcmp matching name "pay" to where it says "depay" or
something like that. I'm too exhausted to look at the code right now but I will
certainly help fixing this :) and hey, we also need a gstreamer rtspclient,
don't we? using avconv is totally NOT an option ^^

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