[Bug 743345] glimagesink: Add support for dmabuf

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Sat Feb 7 15:43:45 PST 2015

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--- Comment #8 from Matthew Waters <ystreet00 at gmail.com> 2015-02-07 23:43:39 UTC ---
Same reasons you add any caps feature.

1. Simplicity - you know exactly what you're getting.
2. Extensibility - possiblity to add extra required fields to the caps.
3. Selection - You may want to select a specific memory type to connect to
appsink for example.
4. Negotiation - element can limit pools, allocators and meta to those that
support the specific caps feature.  Can also prioritise element links with caps
features in decodebin/playbin.
5. Mapping - the feature might not support mapping to sysmem (doesn't seem to
apply here)

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