[Bug 744191] encodebin: Need more buffers in output queue for better performance

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Thu Feb 12 02:14:09 PST 2015


--- Comment #1 from kevin <kevinbing.song at gmail.com> ---
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<slomo> kevin1_: why not just put another queue after encodebin?
<kevin1_> so, need fix it in camerabin?
<kevin1_> add one queue between encodebin and filesink?
<slomo> maybe... otoh the file system buffers probably should also take care of
not causing such a problem
<kevin1_> output queue in encodebin only have one buffer. is it possible to
block encode if muxer has audio/video interleave requirement?
<kevin1_> I test write file system on Linux and Android long ago. The write
will consume 1.5 second sometime when 1080p recording. the output bitrate is
<kevin1_> The write peak will occur every about 5 seconds.
<slomo> also sounds like a problem with some IO configuration if it can't keep
up with a continuous write rate of 8Mbps but can still do that on average over
5 seconds
<kevin1_> The storage write speed is ok for 8Mbps. Most of write call is very
quick. one write will block 1.5 second. I also test it on Ubuntu. it has same
behave. But the test is years ago.
<kevin1_> Ubuntu should be default storage configuration.
<kevin1_> the worst case is about 1.5 second.
<slomo> kevin1_: yes that's what i mean with insufficient buffering at a lower
layer :)
<kevin1_> storage will sync cache periodly. sync will consume more time if the
sync interval too large.
<kevin1_> do we need handle it in gstreamer when recording?

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