[Bug 744362] dashdemux: Add support for live stream seeking

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Thu Feb 12 09:15:50 PST 2015


--- Comment #3 from Mathieu Duponchelle <mduponchelle1 at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Thiago Sousa Santos from comment #2)
> Review of attachment 296644 [details] [review]:
> Nice addition!
> just 2 observations below.
> ::: ext/dash/gstmpdparser.c
> @@ +3859,3 @@
> +    g_date_time_unref (now);
> +    g_date_time_unref (start);
> +    duration = stream_now * GST_USECOND;
> This has the side effect of making the duration query return a duration for
> a live stream. I don't know an use case where knowing the 'current duration'
> of a live stream would be useful so I'd avoid that. Some applications can
> query the duration and then store that as a permanent value, this can lead
> to issues later. Even if you wanted to do that, you'd need to remember to
> post a duration-changed message everytime a new fragment was generated.
> So, while the code above is correct I'd keep it separate from the usual
> 'get_duration' call to prevent problems later.

OK, makes sense, this stream will then keep having its duration reported as 24
hours by qtdemux, I'm not against that :)

> ::: gst-libs/gst/adaptivedemux/gstadaptivedemux.c
> @@ +653,2 @@
>    if (first_segment)
> +    demux->segment.start = demux->segment.position = demux->segment.time =
> min_pts;
> Why set the segment.time here?
> It doesn't seem related to the fix and it would deserve some testing with
> HLS streams to see what would be shown with this set?
> Anyway I think this should be in a different patch as it doesn't seem to be
> part of the feature you are adding.

I think this fix is related, as it makes the sink report a correct position, on
all subsquent seeks time is set on the segments that are set, only the first
segment has a time set to 0, which I think is a bug, I'll make a separate
patch, to see what the problem is, simply run the first command line in the
commit message with and without that patch.

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