[Bug 744362] dashdemux: Add support for live stream seeking

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Thu Feb 12 13:48:54 PST 2015


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commit 7ca6d9634a8df45e9ad28f572e36a8d5e697b413
Author: Mathieu Duponchelle <mathieu.duponchelle at opencreed.com>
Date:   Thu Feb 12 22:06:17 2015 +0100

    dashdemux: Fix handling of live streams with timeshift buffers.

    By implementing get_live_seek_range.

    As shown by :

    gst-validate-1.0 playbin \

    This patch handles live seeking, by setting a live seek range
    comprised between now - timeShiftBufferDepth and now.

    The inteersting thing with this stream is that one can actually
    ask fragments up to availabilityStartTime, but it seems quite clear
    in the spec that content is only guaranteed to exist up to

    One can test live seeking this way :

    gst-validate-1.0 playbin \
    uri=http://dev-iplatforms.kw.bbc.co.uk/dash/news24-avc3/news24.php \
    --set-scenario seek_back.scenario

    with scenario being:

    description, seek=true
    seek, playback-time=position+5.0, start="position-600.0",

    This example will play the stream, wait for five seconds, then seek back
    to a position 10 minutes earlier.



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