[Bug 744379] gst-rtsp-server not prerolling when piping data into the media-pipeline ?

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Fri Feb 13 00:27:27 PST 2015


--- Comment #6 from Andreas Frisch <fraxinas at opendreambox.org> ---
so i've discovered that app < stream.ts marks the fdsrc as seekable while cat
stream.ts | app marks it as not seekable
this sounds reasonable :) 

but here's another issue with these kind of "live" pipelines.

when playing an rtsp stream with vlc for example, it always has a range field
in the PLAY request (Range: npt=0.000-)
so gst-rtsp-server tries to consider this and of course gst_rtsp_media_seek
with git 98b162f54b9168fe0745ddab98163d07109ca208, the PLAY request is then
rejected with a 503 error (even though it's a NULL seek)

this can be worked around by returning TRUE in gst_rtsp_media_seek if
priv->is_live is set (which i set in my previous hack ^^ )

i know, this doesn't exactly get any prettier here :)

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