[Bug 744399] gstbaseparse does not set duration on buffers

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The testcase

I am attaching the testcase. The file test.c will construct the pipeline in
which the queue2 element will hold packetized stream with h264 data
(stream-format=byte-stream). The h264parse and avdec after the queue will
reproduce the bug from the description. The effects that the testcase
demonstrates are:

1) The queue containing whole stream buffered and reporting 100% buffered (due
to EOS), although the queue is inable to report current-level-time (because it
has no valid srctime stored, buffers pushed to the srcpad are out of segment).
2) The sink in paused prerolls the buffer, although the queue has not output a
valid in-segment buffer.

You can build the testcase using this command:

gcc `pkg-config --libs --cflags gstreamer-1.0` test.c
export GST_DEBUG=bug_744399:9

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