[Bug 737427] v4l2src ! ... ! appsink capture hangs after 2 samples

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Sat Feb 14 11:50:49 PST 2015


--- Comment #9 from arturo <arturo at openframeworks.cc> ---
i'm using gstreamer 1.4.3 on ubuntu 14.10 not sure what's the difference with
the kernel it was someone else who reported that changing the kernel version
fixes the problem and in any case he just downgraded the kernel i don't think
he knows what's the difference in the driver either. 

for me adding a videorate or any element that changes the frames (like a
videoconvert that is not just a passthrough) fixes it too as explained above.

might it be that newest vl42 modules are generating some different
timestamping? something like a videorate would be overwrtting those making
appsink work again properly

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