[Bug 737427] appsink: Can't influence allocation query to satisfy user needs

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Sun Feb 15 10:37:47 PST 2015


Nicolas Dufresne (stormer) <nicolas.dufresne at collabora.co.uk> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|gst-plugins-good            |gst-plugins-base
            Summary|v4l2src ! ... ! appsink     |appsink: Can't influence
                   |capture hangs after 2       |allocation query to satisfy
                   |samples                     |user needs

--- Comment #12 from Nicolas Dufresne (stormer) <nicolas.dufresne at collabora.co.uk> ---
(In reply to arturo from comment #11)
> yes i'm using this in an openGL loop so i'm keeping a frame from appsink
> around until the next gl frame is rendered. this has never been a problem
> before and other elements like playbin playsrc... are totally fine

Ok noted. Before we were over allocating in v4l2src. That would work around
your problem, but not really solve it. Of course if you had a color conversion,
this also hide the problem. In 0.10 one could influence the size of v4l2 queue.
But this makes very little sense, since that queue might not be pushing buffers

The right solution would be to add propose_allocation() implementation in
appsink, and a way for the application to influence that. I guess it would be
nice if this isn't limited to choosing min/max pool size, but also allow
exposing support for special features like GstVideoMeta, GstVideoCrop, etc.

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